Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Potty Training: Day 5

Well, we are 5 days into this potty training thing, and I think it's going O.K.  Mater still won't poop in the potty though.

We had a hectic weekend, but we used the potty as much as we can.

I must admit that I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this no toys and movies/TV thing because I love the toys and movies too. (Did I mention I'm a kid at heart?)  It's pretty quiet around here, but I miss being able to play dinosaurs and tractors with Mater and Dorothy, but we have been pretend dinosaurs and monsters, so that's something.  He has even pretended that his cousins and/or aunts are at our house.

We some times really have to bribe him to use the potty (M&M, money for his piggy bank, candy, etc.).  Other times though, we don't have to bribe him; he will sometimes even forget that he is suppose to get an M&M or something, but other times, he is the one reminding me! HAHA  

Mater's Potty Chart and Stickers
(green rectangle hides his real name)
I decided to make a potty chart, which I made just late this morning.  After getting 10 stickers (he picks which sticker), then he gets one of his "big boy" items back, he gets to decide.  Once he is 100% potty trained, then he gets a new toy (a totally awesome Mr. Potato Head with all kinds of parts to mix and match with, like I had as a kid, that I have been looking all over for).  

As you can see in the picture, the potty chart is nothing fancy; just something I whipped together.  It's not perfect by any means, but lets face it, Mater doesn't care how perfection, just fun!  The star equals a reward ("big boy" item).  He wanted me to make a tractor; well, Mommy isn't very good at drawing tractors, but Daddy is, so Daddy drew a tractor on the chart for him. 

He has three types of stickers to choose from.  First, TMNT stickers.  Second, free stickers that grandma and grandpa somehow got in the mail, and third, foam letters that aren't actual stickers (didn't realize that till today, I bought them Saturday), so I glue them on.  If he picks a letter, we talk about what letter it is and what color the letter is, so we are sneaking in all kinds of learning without him even knowing it.

I keep reminding him that if he poops in the potty then he will get to watch a movie, so I'm working on some kind of poop in the potty movie poster thing.  When I get that figured out and done, then I will get a picture of it added.

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